Events / Chartres

Gernot Candolini offers every two years a week in Chartres for English speaking groups. Depending on the size of the group a bus trip to Vezelay will be part of the week. If you are an organization, you can also book an event with him in Chartres.

He holds seminars, lectures and book readings mostly in Germany and Austria ( but it is also possible to invite him to the States.

Current journey

3. May – 9. May 2020

Next journey

July 2021
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Workshops I offer:

  • The spiritual power of the labyrinth
  • Designing and building a labyrinth
  • The hero’s journey to love
  • Hidden messages in famous stories (Jona, Theseus, Frog King)
  • Pathways to pastoral insight: The labyrinth as a tool for healing
  • The pilgrimage of life

Lectures/Readings/Slide shows:

  • Places of light – the gift of cathedrals to the world
  • Labyrinths of the world
  • Chartres labyrinths around the globe